So you’ve left it to the final hour or so?

Students are always the same. In all of our 26 years of trading not once have we had a student come in and ask for a dissertation to be printed and bound even 2 days before its got to be handed in.

The binding process is the easy part! The bit that goes wrong in most cases is that you have done it in a certain program that sets the page to the wrong size, and rewrites paragraph spacing and font when opened on a different computer.

The only thing you need is to save it to a PDF, after this its plain sailing. Obviously the price depends on whether it’s in colour or black and white.

“It needs to be done within an hour!!”

We have had them all, don’t worry.  From people taking pictures to commemerate the moment, to students actually breaking down in the shop sobbing over the acetate cover of their final thesis. If you get the PDF part right (and please do check it before you leave the flat!) then you’ll be passing the final exam in no time.
We need about 2 hours maybe 3 on a busy day but we always get the job done. The binding we do is a wire spiro bind – this is ample for the thesis to be handed in and we have never had any comebacks from students that weren’t happy.

A word of advice for getting your dissertation bound!

There are a lot of cowboys out there! With this in mind , don’t go into a printers saying that you have left it to the last minute. The first thing they are going to do is ramp the price up, hoping that you’ll be scared out of your mind that you wont get it done in time and will pay the price. Silly mistake.

Anyone saying its going to take two to three days to print and bind either has a crap printer or both arms missing because that’s poppycock.  A dissertation takes 2-3 hours to bind, then its back to the pub to celebrate and give yourself a pat on the back and the biggest hangover in history!!!